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Ker Yacht Design uses state-of-the-art technology, techniques and processes throughout the research and design processes, and uses the whole gamut of them.  Most of the research work is done in-house, (the size of the "house" increases somewhat for very large projects such as Americas Cup), however where a certain speciality skill or knowlege is required, we can rely on a strong network of consultants who include our software suppliers.

We use software to both make the process faster and the results better.  We habitually set up streamlined processes that allow us to carry out repetitive tasks automatically and through the time saved focus our attendition on the creative aspects of the job where the real gains are to be found.  These systems capture knowledge efficiently and allow designers to spend their time designing with powerful tools rather than spend their time entering/collecting data or as IT administrators.

Fluid Dynamics -

The shift in computing power and CFD accuracy in recent years means that CFD has become an incredibly useful design tool.  Over the years we have gradually amassed a large amount of data from Tank Test, Wind Tunnel and High-Fidelity CFD computations and we use this data to continuoussly validate new CFD processes and software.  We see the different forms of available technology as complimentary, each having its place according to its combination of accuracy, speed and cost.




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